کبھی اے حقیقت منتظر نظر آ لباس مجاز میں
کہ ہزاروں سجدے تڑپ رہے ہیں مری جبین نیاز میں

About Allama

Sir Iqbal was undoubtedly one of the greatest poets, philosophers and seers of humanity of all times. He took a prominent part in the politics of the country and in the intellectual and cultural reconstruction of the Islamic world. His contribution to the literature and thought of the world will live for ever.

About Allama

Pen Name :'Iqbal'

Real Name :Mohammad Iqbal

Born :09 Nov 1877 | SialkotPakistan

Died :21 Apr 1938 | LahorePakistan

Relatives :Javed Iqbal (Son)

Allama Iqbal Books Name List

Ilm ul Iqtisad in 1903
Rumuz-i-Bekhudi in 1917
Payam-i-Mashriq in 1923
Javid Nama in 1832
Pas Cheh Bayed Kard ai Aqwam-e-Sharq in 1936
Armughan-e-Hijaz in 1938
Bang-i-Dara in 1924
Bal-i-Jibril in 1935
Zarb-i Kalim in 1936
The Development of Metaphysics in Persia in 1909
The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam in 1930
Allama Iqbal was the the poet of the Pakistan that can remains in the heart of every Pakistani so have a look on these all books that are wrote by the Dr Muhammad Allama Iqbal.

Few point of views of ALLAMA


Shrine of Allama Iqbal 

The Tomb of Allama Muhammad Iqbal, or Mazaar-e-Iqbal is a mausoleum located within the Hazuri Bagh, in the Pakistani city of Lahore, capital of Punjab province

Why Iqbal regarded Rumi as his Guide

Rumi was the Persian mystic poet of Thirteenth Century.
 Iqbal acknowledges Rumi as his guide without reservation. No thinker except Rumi has acquired the title of the Pir (guide) from Iqbal. He has whole heartedly paid him tribute and respect nearly in all his books. This tribute arouses much curiosity when it is paid by Iqbal, an eminent poet-philosopher with numinous vision and outstanding scholarship.

The most important factor which impressed Iqbal to acknowledge Rumi as his guide was Rumi’s interpretation of the Quran and his profound love for the Holy Book and the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).

Iqbal believes that Rumi deeply understands the spirit of the Quran

Allama Poetry About Rasool Allah saww

“Ki Muhammad se wafa toonay to ham teray hain
Ye jahan cheez hai kiya lauho qalam tere hain”


Wahi derina bimari wahi namuhkami dil ki

‘ilaj iska wahi aabe nishat angez hay saaqi"

"It is the same old disease, the same psychological problem of the heart. The cure is also the same, ‘Aab-e-Nishat’ i.e., the Qur’an."

Qur’an says:

"O mankind! There has come to you a guidance from your Lord and a cure for the disease in your hearts." (10:57)

"Zabaan se gar kiya tauheed ka da’wa to kya hasil

banaya hay bute pindaar ko apna khuda tu ne"

Wo mu’azziz they zamane mein Musalman hokar

aur tum khwar huey tarike Quran hokar"

Khud badalte naheen Quran ko badal dete hain

huwey kis darja faqeehane haram be taufiq"

Tum syed bhi ho Mirza bhi ho Afghan bhi ho

tum sabhi kuchh ho batao ki musalman bhi ho"

Firqa bandi hay kaheen aur kaheen zatein hain

kya zamane mein panapne ki yahee batein hain"

Shajar hay firqa arayee, ta’assub hay samar iska

ye wo phal hay jo jannat se nikalwata hay adam ko"

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